LARPD #021d Native Garden Pathway at Sycamore Grove Park – This project consists of installation of 2,300 sf of textured concrete walkway with exposed aggregate “streams” and animal track imprints; underground rain storage tank and collection system; and rough grading of approximately 8,000 sf of planting areas for the native gardens. Engineer’s estimate is $74,000.  Bid documents will be available February 17, 2015 at CIPList.com.  A pre-bid walk/inspection is scheduled for 10 am, February 25, 2015.  Bid opening date is Wednesday, March 11, 2015.  More info:  Tom Purcell, PE, email tpurcell@larpd.org.


 LARPD #332  May Nissen Swim Center Roof Replacement –  Bids were opened on December 10, 2014.  Preliminary bid results are posted here.

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